Does Bill Gates know something we Do not know about Six Flags entertainment parks? No more, but anyone as smart as he, undoubtedly understands the potential for Virtual Reality. Examine the new X Box 360 degree system? Certainly Microsoft gets their research teams could have entered the Virtual Reality Realm somewhat late, but they surely understand gaming. Gate’s improved his holding in the business from 8% to 10%. This probably makes a bit of awareness and a rebounding economics tends to truly bolster Theme Parks. In GA really in Six Flags over Georgia, where really they’re still arguing over one specific flag a few fascinating things are occurring. 

The Pentagon is right into this shit with their latest Internet Centric Warfare designs where every unit functions as a whole, but instantaneous information puts pieces together during ops. It does not require a genius after being prepared among the latest Clancy books to determine where this is going does it? You see when Bill Gates does not have the time to read all the novels I do, by Arthur C Clarke, Ben Bova, Tom Clancy, Michael Creighton etc. He understands the technology commercial value and as Massachusetts Institute of Technology scrambles to locate buyers for all their latest codes, algorithms and innovative creations, so too is the US Government, and Microsoft Research looking at methods to enhance the forthcoming technologies. 

Where better than to test also use these latest machines and them than an amusement park or in Las Vegas on the strip. So before someone claims that they understand why Bill Gates is gambling on the future should not you be clever sufficient to read a number of his predictions for of the future and observe some of the films that his former partner and his latest associates are doing also which screenplays are selling also who’s writing those film scripts novels and audio tapes and video games? Do not be naive. Your great Grandparents didn’t have vehicles and lived to see airplanes. 

Your grandparents saw planes turn into spacecraft. We watched Television turn on the Internet and we’ll see reality turn right into whatever you want from the virtual universe. First it’ll cost a lot in theme parks, then one day you purchase a hat and a number of programs from WalMart for $250.00 hook it to your computer also relive that last NASCAR race, F-18 Smart guided bomb run or assist of the President negotiate with of the Saudis over an oil deal. 

Think it’s not going to happen? you’ll be capable of making love to your favored actress, learn to fly, go visit of the fossils from of the Gobi Desert, Cross of the icy Delaware with George Washington, discuss philosophy with Aristotle, sit on a stone throughout of the Sermon on of the Mound with Jesus or require a tour of the Space Station for significantly less than the 20 million current fee all for a program costing $39.95 from Microsoft running on XP on sale at WalMart for of the next years National 9-11 holiday sale.