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Coworkingness is a great place to work – we had everything delivered on time. The office is well-furnished with nice meeting rooms and lounge area where you can chill a bit too. This versatile work surrounding plus the fast broadband internet make Coworkingness a perfect place for meetups & workshops.


When NitroSell established itself in Poznań, we were entirely new to Poland and needed an office where we could get set up quickly and easily. Coworkingness fitted the bill perfectly and had everything we needed — a comfortable, clean, modern working space, furniture, fast Internet connectivity, coffee, and friendly administrative support from Oskar and his team. It also provided good social opportunities for getting to know locals and for business networking. We remained in Coworkingness for over a year and I can highly and wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone looking for a co-working (or small office space) in Poznań!


Coworkingness is a unique, integrated, coworking space in Poznań, Poland.

We offer so much more than just a desk. Our space provides members with a perfect mix of an amazing working environment along with a positive atmosphere and top quality services. Once you’re here you can relax playing badminton or runningo on an orbitrec. You can also join our #100pushups team and work on ability to do 100 pushups in a row.

We are proud to announce that in 2015 we were awarded by Central European Startup Awards as a “Best Coworking Space” in Poland.

We also organised Let’s Cowork – First Polish Coworking Open Days – see more here:

Coworking space

Dedicated or flexible desk.
It’s up to you.

Meeting rooms

Convenient and fully equipped conference rooms await.

Micro Office

A personalised share of a coworking area for you and your team.

Other services

Virtual Office, Correspondence, Concierge, Assistance

Coworking space

When it comes to coworking, community is almost everything. Our space is filled by like-minded people working side by side. Varied types of coworkers and the instuitive, fresh design of the place makes the atmosphere here vibrant and inspiring – perfect for you and your businss. This atmosphere, supported by a strong fiber internet connection (50Mbs/50Mbs), chill out spaces and delicious coffee, allows you to find and create a rhythm of work that fits you best.

Dedicated desk

A dedicated desk is your own domain situated in the center of coworking community life. You can leave your plant, papers and laptop here.

Hot Desk

A hot desk is ideal for you if you want all the benefits of coworking space but maybe not all the time. This a flexible option if you’re a person who’s always on the go.

Meeting rooms

Coworkingness means the people we meet and work with. Our team takes care about the quality of the contact between you and them by offering different sized meeting rooms. Looking for a space well suited to workshops, business meetings or even guitar lessons is no longer an issue. Quick access and reliable organisation will cope with every unexpected case.


Organise an event you’re running in one of our dedicated spaces.


We offer you different type of spaces including conference room designed for meetings up of to 12 people.

Micro office

A micro office is the possibility to find a regular office room for your team. It’s a separate part of our space strongly connected with the coworking community but also allowing you to arrange your working universe as you’d like it.

Other services

The way to make your destination closer.

Virtual Office

You can register your company using Coworkingness as your virtual address for 70 PLN net per month. Collection and distribution of incoming postal mail is included in the price.


We can connect you to the right people and the places. Need an assistant, secretary or concierge? We can work for you for 35 PLN (ex VAT) per hour.


Scanning up to 20 mails and 50 pages costs 50 PLN net per month.


It doesn’t matter how multilingual we Poles are or how comfortable you are with working in different environments, whether you’re from Warsaw or Washington, Krakow or Caracas, the fact is that sometimes you might feel a bit lost here and could do with some assistance.


Micro office

1500 PLN net monthly
4 desk office

2500 PLN net monthly
8 desk office

  • large & regular desks
  • premium chairs
  • up to 25 hours of meeting room
  • printing up to 1000 black&white; pages
  • secured locker – 30 PLN net monthly
  • up to 8 unsecured lockers

Dedicated desk

450 PLN net monthly

  • large desk
  • premium chair
  • 4 hours of meeting room usage
  • printing up to 200 black&white; pages
  • secured locker – 30 PLN net monthly
  • 1 unsecured locker

Hot desk

350 PLN net monthly

150 PLN net weekly

40 PLN net daily

  • any available desk
  • any available spot
  • up to 2 hours of meeting room usage
  • printing up to 100 black&white; pages
  • secured locker – 50 PLN net monthly

Meeting rooms

15 PLN net / hour and 100 PLN net / day for memberes

30 PLN net / hour and 200 PLN net / day for non-memberes

Find & contact us

You can reach us as follows:

TRAM lines:

No.s 5, 13, and 16 – 1 minute walk from Pl. Bernardyński Stop
No.s 2 and  9 – 8 minutes walk from Pl. Wiosny Ludów Stop
No.s 3, 4, 8 and 17 – 10 minutes walk from Małe Garbary Stop

BUS lines:

No.s 47, 74, 76, 90, 603 – 1 to 10 minutes walk from varied stops including Pl. Bernardyński, Wielka or Mostowa